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March 31, 2019

Flash Sample Sale Sites You Should Shop Now

You don’t have to live in New York or L.A. to experience the wonder of a sample sale. Even if you do live in the Big Apple, it’s probably still more agreeable to do your shopping online. Shopping from home is less violent (no fighting over the last Rag & Bonecashmere scarf). And, you don’t have to worry about clinging to your new Marc Jacobs […]

January 19, 2019

What’s Next for Fashion Retail? Here are Some Ideas

ompetition’s tough out there in retail, and stores are stepping it up to keep you coming back. The old brick-and-mortars are working to stay relevant in world where the convenience of online shopping is king, and the best of them are doing it by focusing on the shopping experience. After all, that’s the one advantage […]

January 4, 2019

Where Budget Fashionistas Shop on Black Friday

We’re mere days away from Black Friday. It’s an unofficial holiday in the United States, when hardcore shoppers go into a veritable frenzy as soon as they put the fork down on Thanksgiving. Black Friday is chaotic, for sure — but it can also be a thrilling challenge for those determined to find the best […]

October 26, 2018

6 Ways to Save Big Shopping Online this Holiday Season

Whether you’re shopping for loved ones or yourself this holiday season, there is simply no sensible reason to pay more for items when you could pay less. Luckily, we live in an online world and the World Wide Web offers the savvy shopper many ways to save both time and money. Without further ado, here […]

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